Sunday, February 15, 2009

on valentine's day~

its valentine's day..people around the world celebrate it with their couple..but of the group member went to Sematan with one of the group member,Cheai.we start our journey at 1040.(the picture has not been edited yet.enjoy

this is cheai.and this is our booth.actually we didn't know that we have to jaga that booth.hahaha

the PLKN student

student activity


how would u feel in this situation?

bz body?

a model for today~

again~ 'botak'

the end of the jop.

next.we go 'pusing2' at Sematan.

the 1st pit stop.look at the bridge...

a memory..

the bridge


haha.local people..

we discover new place



so green.


our food



the last thing to do.

done.i'll post more picture soon~
this is just some kind of introduction on updating the bolg.lolz~

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