Monday, April 6, 2009


hello.yesterday i manage to organize 1 small 'photo camp'.its funny isn't it?we went to Kpg. Santubong.there are almost 20 people came.the photohunter members,Uqi n frens from ilovekuching.ein n friends.we are actually celebrating ekin's belated birthday,which ein's friend,beside learning about camera.we share all the info.that is why i called it 'photo camp'.the one who's teaching is wandysaeit(

some of my own picture.i post up the pictures from others later.just wait.haha

how the day start?
start with green..
kak byout & fren

sifu walking.wandy.........and thats michelle


aimi & gurl

ekin & ein

this is me.the picture was taken by aimi n her amazed.why?i've just teach them how to use shutter,aparture,ASA...the basic thing about camera..and look at what she's snap?

this is photohunter photo camp,alhamdulillah.. thanx to Almighty God for makin it succes though at first its a little bit 'kecoh'. we might be doing it again soon...wish that more people will join...i'll post the picture from others as soon i manage to get it from them...


ruzzane said...

where is my postcard. print sigek kakya ngkah lah setem... :D

armyman said...

ooo post card...mek dah anta dah...p sik tauk sampe sik burung merpati ya ke sinun...hehehehe